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Becky Haigh

September 14, 2015

By: Sys Admin

Becky Haigh is the Office Assistant Manager. She has worked at Keystone Healthcare since November 2009 and was promoted to Team Leader in September 2018

Becky enjoys booking shifts and speaking to locums and clients. Becky is happy to call the Keystone team her second family.
The light of Becky’s life and her biggest accomplishment is having her 2 wonderful children – Freddie and Jaya.

Becky enjoys entertaining her children on her days off, she is a great lover of animals although she is not all sweetness and light, Becky loves a good horror movie.

Becky is very proud to be a vegetarian (only the smell of a bacon butty can make her sometimes regret this decision.)
Becky moved to Yorkshire (what she calls the dark side) from Lancashire in 2009 shortly before marrying her husband Rob.

Becky has a twin sister who lives in Ibiza making it great for cheap holidays in the Sun. Like most of the team she is also a fan of the wine and gin!

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