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Healthcare Training

At the training centre in Cooper Bridge, Huddersfield, Keystone Healthcare Training provides Health and Safety, First Aid and other bespoke training courses.


Formed in 2005 the company has many years of experience in the delivery of first aid training and health and safety training.

With a well equipped training centre and fully qualified staff, the company delivers professional training to local businesses. These training courses are designed to be cost effective and help clients meet their statutory training requirements.

We supply a wide range of training courses that are tailored to meet your requirements. We can provide these courses from the Keystone Healthcare Training Centre or at a location of your choice.

At Keystone Healthcare Training we understand the huge difference a well-trained and appropriately qualified team can make to your organisation, whatever its sector. It’s a difference not only in terms of the quality it promotes, but in its ability to give your staff confidence, motivation and lasting job satisfaction.

Because every client group has different needs, we don’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all package – instead, our healthcare training programmes and individual healthcare training sessions can be customised to exactly match your situation and training budget. Every bit of training we offer shares the same unbeatable combination of superb delivery, experienced healthcare trainers and highly relevant healthcare training course content meeting the latest requirements of whichever legislation governs your particular industry. Give one of our healthcare training courses a go – we think you see what makes us top of our class.

Keystone Healthcare Training are members of the Association of First Aiders

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