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Update – Rate Capping of Nurse Agency Workers

As most people will be aware stage 1 of the rate capping of agency rates is due to take effect on Monday 23rd November.

Situation so far:

We have spoken to a number of trusts regarding rate capping.

Our General Nurse rate for wards  is already below the 1st stage of the rate capping so currently unaffected.

During discussions we have explained that we don’t believe our Critical Care Workers will accept shifts if the capped rates are implemented and that trying to implement this will severely affect our ability to provide workers and it would probably push work back off framework. None of this is in the interest of the trusts.

The feedback from the trusts is that other agencies have said exactly the same.

As of this moment no trusts has asked us to implement the capped rates, all trusts we provide to are now being charged at framework rates. Should this change we will let you know as soon as possible.

It is good to know that other agencies feel the same as Keystone Healthcare,  that the capped rates are unworkable and that they are also explaining this to the trusts.

Most trusts currently appear to be more concerned with ensuring they are properly aligned with framework agencies at framework rates. This we believe is a much more sensible approach and it is achievable.


If you haven’t already done so please ensure you sign the petition below:

Stop Pay Caps for Agency Nurses

About The Author:

Richard Ward

Managing Director

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