Keystone: An ethical recruiter for over 15 years

We are Keystone

We have supplied personnel to the healthcare sector for over 15 years, helping healthcare services to find the best talent, building capacity and improving services for patients.

Our passion, expertise and commitment to the sector and our people, has earned us a reputation we are determined to maintain.

We understand that choosing the right provider can be a challenge. If values, such as transparency and trust don’t align, it can hinder your career development. Keystone keeps it simple by ensuring we deliver on the promises we make to both our workforce and clients. We have a people first approach which is underpinned by our genuine commitment to providing quality to healthcare providers. 

The Keystone values are built upon;


At Keystone we are people and community driven. We strive to maintain a consistent and positive impact –  not just for the people who work with us, but in the communities we serve too. Because of our positive reputation, word of mouth plays an important role in our business and we are committed to meeting and exceeding the high expectations of the people who support us. We promise to never be a provider that just ‘talks the talk’.


We truly value relationships and have built positive rapport, with both our workforce and clients, over the past 20 years. We believe that first impressions count and endeavour to support in any way we can – whether that’s providing additional training to our workforce in order to further develop their skills, or ensuring we deliver the utmost responsiveness when filling workforce requirements for our clients.

Our staff & clients thrive on flexibility, so it is important that we offer that same flexibility back – we demonstrate this through our honest and informed guidance, advice and communications with prospective candidates. If you are thinking about joining us but don’t yet have the suitable experience or qualifications, we are happy to talk through your options and keep you on our file for future opportunities.

Efficiency & Consistency

Being an ethical skills provider means that efficiency and consistency are key when evaluating and supporting our talent. We are proactive from the very first contact, ensuring our process is seamless and avoiding the common issues that our workforce and clients find with other providers. We also commit to assessing people without discrimination and keeping our promise of prompt payment, honesty and professionalism in our communication.

Feedback is a vital part of our operations, so we encourage our people to talk with us with honesty and in confidence about their experience working alongside Keystone.

We provide a variety of job opportunities, allowing you to gain a diverse range of skills and expertise with the added benefit of flexibility and working in different roles and departments, you’ll be able to expand your knowledge and experience ensuring your career advances the way you choose.

So, If you are looking for a new, flexible and diverse role, enquire or register with Keystone today – we would be delighted to discuss your future.